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The-Sexy Substitute

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Hello, I just saw I was on activity watch for talkto-hollyholliday and I think it would be best if I just resigned from the group. I don’t have time for a few accounts and sadly that is one of them. I enjoyed this group so so so much, its truly great. I am sorry, but I think this is whats best. I just got out of a long relationship, moved state to state, and am trying to get my life on track again. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play Holly. I appreciate all of you. Thank you. :)

Hi Holly,

We’re very sorry to see you go but we appreciate you getting in touch with us and letting us know. Thank you for the time you spent playing our Ms Holliday! I know all of the team here will join me in wishing you the very best in your future RP endeavors. 

Everyone, please unfollow Holly.


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asked by Anonymous: "you said Will is too nice for you, how was he in bed? Any advice for Ms. pillsbury?"

Is this a totally serious question? He was Mr. Flinstone making my bed rock. Kidding..but whats up with all of these sex questions concerning those two and myself? Totally crazy!

Will was too nice to me and I break nice guys like him into wasa crackers, but he is such a great guy. Gotta nice pair of fine man cheeks to if ya know what I mean!

How was Will in bed? Well…Ill save the dirty on the dirt details for me myself and I. 

I think now that Little Red has tore away her V Card, she is just on the right track. I feared for Emma for a minute there with that whole, ‘Im a cr-azy pope lady with bambi eyes that is completely naive.’ That was not workin for mama Holliday. 

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asked by Anonymous: "Biggest complaint in life?"

That a lot of teachers no and days do not really care about this generation. Let’s face it, today’s teachers are mad crazy old school, and this generation of kids, all they care about is updating their face book status, whose dating who etc. 

Plus one would think with all of the internet and media out there, that today’s teen society wouldn’t be so super clueless. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that these kids have a voice and our educators don’t care to listen to it. Well that’s were I step in, like a modern day Mary Poppins. I listen to what they have to say and connect with them. Once I have connected with them, I slip in a little lesson of the curriculum I need to teach or whatever needs to be taught. Knowledge is power and I just complain that our educators of today don’t really care just because they think the kids don’t care. You’ve just gotta make learning fun bro. If you take life too seriously, you’ll just end up a washed up ol’ prude, and yikers, what a total drag that would be!

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asked by Anonymous: "What do you love about teaching?"

Being able to chase after all that young tail! Kidding! Gosh totally kidding, that was slightly inappropriate… 

Anyways, in all seriousness, I love being able to connect with the students. You know why, because most teachers this way do not understand how to teach this generation. It’s totally simple too. They have a voice. Each and every one of them, and I listen. I listen and I connect with them in ways that I know they will appreciate. If a student does something write what do you do? Praise them, no, because they are most likely not listening to you. I tweet them right then and there, because I know in those short seconds, we’ve connected. It’s truly amaze balls.

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asked by Anonymous: "Who are you going to call today?"

….Ghost Busters…..

i’m sorry, totally couldn’t take this one seriously..I had to..totally awesome..

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You definitely haven’t been with the right women, Miss Holliday.

Maybe not -shrugs- maybe Ill get lucky tonight if ya know what I mean sweet cheeks. I am just glad I got to help you and Brittany get your Stevie Nicks on. Righteous. 

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asked by Anonymous: "do you prefer sleeping with women or men?"

Well lets see, to be quiet honest I am going to go with men. Only because I like it a little rough most of the time and quite frankly most women can’t reach that level I need. I tend to break nice girls and boys in bed. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I am puhretty terrific in sack…or where ever I am going to get my freak on. Woman are beautiful creatures that can give you mind blowing delicate pleasure. I just prefer men, because most men don’t want commitment and that’s exactly what I am for. I am deathly allergic to commitment. Hell, that word ain’t even in this blonds vocabulary! I have a grand ol’ time with both sexes hot stuff. 

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asked by Anonymous: "you need to come to the rescue! Emma and Will had SEX, SEX, did you hear me!? SEX, what is happening!!!!??? you need to come and get Will back. You two belong together."

Seriously….I think you’re being a bit dramatic about the situation. It’s just sex. Do you know how many people are having sex right now? Probably billions! Don’t be such a drama llama sweet cheeks. Emma and Will are happily together as far as I know, I respect their relationship and I won’t get in the way of that. So please, let them be. 

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